We are a British, so you don't need to worry about being uncomfortable to telephone and worry about a language barrier! We have been successfully finding horses for riders from the UK, USA and all over the world for over 20 years! Many of these horses have been successful up to Advanced Levels and Grand Prix.


Thank you for all your hard work - you have managed to find perfect match for a 13 year old girl (almost impossible task). We could not be happier with Dr Doolay he is such a sweet and easy going giant. Love him to bits and he has made him self at home down under.

Just a note to thank you again for the amazing job you have done in finding dr Doolay for Claudia. He has arrived in Australia four weeks ago and has been an absolute gentleman and pleasure to have around the farm. He seems to have settled in and has made Melbourne his home. Claudia is the happiest little girl in Australia. They are working hard together to prepare for their first comp in November. They make an amazing team. Dr Doolay looks after her and has not put a hoof wrong since his arrival. Regards,
Miriam & Claudia,
Both Medium and Advanced Champion, qualified for Nationals, how much better can it get? Claudia has been awarded the Nan McArthur Memorial trophy for the highest individual score at the state championships. She has scored 40 points out of possible 40 to win the overall highest scoring Individual out of around four hundred competitors

Claudia and Dr Doolay
After many years of success with her first horse from us up to PSG, what better testimonial is there than Kathryn Tout recently came back to us for a second horse! And bought from video! Here is what she has said - Hi,
Lara is everything you described and more..... Drop dead gorgeous in every way. I feel so so lucky to have Lara in my life. I know you told me she was sweet and affectionate, but you didn't tell me she is just like a kitty-cat! She actually puts her head in your arms and begs you to pet her. Unbelievably affectionate. I just love her! We lunged her for about 10mins. today and she moved beautifully and then I hopped on her and she behaved like a superstar. She is so comfortable to ride and it feels like we are floating! She is incredible! My trainer loves her and said I should be a million percent happy with her! I can't thank you enough for helping me find her. I knew you would find me another perfect horse. I am absolutely over the moon!
Kathryn Tout
Naples, Florida, USA

The absolutely stunning Lara Croft!!
I wanted to thank you for helping me find my wonderful horse. I could tell from my first conversation with you that I was in good hands. You are not only extremely knowledgeable about horses and the industry, but your honesty was most comforting to me. There was never a doubt in my mind that your goal was to help find me the right horse for me, and that I would be happy with my purchase. I was very impressed with your ability to zero in on exactly the kind of horse I was looking for. The fact that you had spent a good deal of time traveling to preview these horses prior to my arrival, was also very rewarding. You did such a good job finding suitable horses, that it was hard not coming home with more than one horse! All the horses you showed me were quality, and because you had found a number of them at private barns they were priced very fairly. There is no doubt in my mind that when it is time for me to buy another horse, I will work with you again, and I will certainly recommend you to my friends. This was the best horse buying experience I have ever had. Thank you for all your help. I am so pleased with my new horse, he is just what I was looking for.

Kathryn Tout
Naples, Florida, USA

Da Capo by De Niro
After losing her first pony, our daughter Shannon decided she wanted to continue her dream of one day becoming an Olympian in Dressage. So we searched high and low in the UK for a talented pony that could help Shannon compete at the highest level. However, we couldn't find anything suitable. We eventually came across this website and a young chestnut pony caught our eye, as he had superb paces and was exactly what we were looking for. From the moment we contacted German Dressage Horses, we were given so much advice and help - that was lacking when dealing with people selling ponies and horses in UK - and this gave us the confidence that we were dealing with honest people that truly wanted to help us with our goal. We didn't hesitate to jump on a quick flight to Germany where we were met at the airport and driven to see this spectacular potential FEI pony, Milano. They even gave Shannon a super lesson on Milano as part of the trial and they all seemed to click which made the decision to buy him so easy. All of the arrangements were made on our behalf, including a comprehensive vetting with digital xrays that was with an english speaking vet and the eventual travel arrangements of Milano to the UK. We didn't realise how easy it was to bring a pony or horse from Germany to UK -'so simple and not expensive either. But the success story doesn't end there. Again with more of German Dressage Horses help, we have also purchased Milano's younger brother, Magic, who is another potential FEI pony that Shannon is producing too. In conclusion We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the services of German Dressage Horses and trust to find that very special pony or horse that everyone would like to own.
Matt Holmes,
formerly Bedfordshire,UK,
now - Germany!

Shannon and Milano
It was with great fear and excitement that I embarked on a search for a horse and my requirements were quite specific. I wanted and needed a horse of quality that would be able to advance in dressage but would be a suitable all rounder to fit into our little family! This was to be a forever home for a special horse. I came upon this website amongst others and started the process and found German Dressage Horses to be absolutely rigorous and honest in the pursuit of a horse for me....I loved their strong opinions and efforts to make sure that I was on the right path. I was not going to be able to visit for a test ride and this was going to be an Internet purchase and they gave me the confidence that my interests were theirs. The result was the purchase of the gorgeous and breathtaking Di Nozzo with his superior dressage breeding, but more importantly an absolutely sound and fabulous horse who more than filled the requirements and I am so thrilled and excited to have him and without any doubt German Dressage Horses would be my one and only call if I were to purchase another horse. I will never forget the day I welcomed Di Nozzo onto African soil and I looked at him and knew he was all and more than they had promised....Thank You!
Robin Haysom,
Plettenburg Bay,
South Africa

Robin and Di Nozzo
After many miles and fruitless searches in France, I found your website. It immediately caught my attention by the quality of horses and the choices you offer. After several exchanges of emails, I finally decided to try the adventure of Germany, which for me, I must admit was a real challenge. The organization, the warm welcome and the essential, visiting breeders with horses all more beautiful than the other, everything was fantastic. This trip was a real pleasure. It led me to the best that I could have hoped for. Sir Diamond, because that's what I have called him, is a really great horse, gentle, kind and above all with paces worthy of the great champions. I still can not tell you the joy he gives me every day. I am very grateful, for your listening and your understanding of my research and the selection that you had prepared was worthy of great professionals. It is a pleasure every day now that allows me to achieve my dreams and who knows maybe the Olympics!. A thousand times thank you.
Après de nombreux kilomètres et des recherches infructueuses en France, j’ai découvert votre site internet. Il m’a tout de suite interpellé par la qualité des chevaux et le choix que vous proposez. Après plusieurs échanges de mails, je me décide enfin à tenter l’aventure Allemande, ce qui pour moi, je dois bien vous l’admettre était une réelle péripétie. De l’organisation, au chaleureux accueil, en passant par l’essentiel, la visite d’élevages avec des chevaux tous plus beaux les uns que les autres, tout a été fantastique. Ce séjour fut un réel plaisir. Il m’a mené à la meilleure sélection que je n’aurai pu espérer. Sir Diamant, car c’est comme cela que je l’ai baptisé, est un cheval vraiment formidable, doux, gentil et surtout avec des allures dignes des grands champions. Je ne saurai vous dire encore la joie qu’il me procure au quotidien. Je vous en suis vraiment reconnaissante, car votre écoute, votre compréhension de ma recherche et la sélection que vous m’aviez préparée a été digne de grands professionnels. C’est un plaisir maintenant au quotidien qui me permet de réaliser mes rêves et qui sait peut-être les JO !!!. Mille merci
Emilie Judas,

Emilie and Sir Diamond
After twelve years with my beautiful TB mare, I had been dreading the time when she would have to retire and I would have to look for a new equine partner. It was natural that my first point of call should be my trainer, Paul Hughes, who I knew had great contacts in Germany and had sourced lovely horses for several people I know. Most importantly, Paul knows how I ride and what I want and would be there to guide me through the selection process. Nevertheless, I was a little nervous about my shopping trip as I had only really ridden one horse for 12 years and was worried about how I would cope riding different horses. Of course, I needn’t have worried. Paul arranged everything with German Dressage Horses – all I had to do was get us both to Bremen. I thought my requirements weren’t too exacting, but they said it had been one of their most challenging searches – they had looked at over 30 horses and narrowed them down to a selection of 6. Still, it only takes one... My day and a half’s visit was spent with Paul and German Dressage Horses, who picked us up and ferried us round the Lower Saxony countryside – they were fantastic company and wonderfully helpful. I was particularly thankful to have Steve’s guidance on how to get the most out of each horse and of course, Paul’s support and knowledge of what would suit me best. I was tossing up between three horses but in the end, I chose a super 4 year old chestnut gelding, who is now the most popular boy on the yard and much admired on a daily basis! I want to say a huge “Thank you” to German Dressage Horses for their help, encouragement and all their support with vetting, X rays, money transfer and horse transport, all of which went without a hitch. And of course, thanks to Paul for his guidance and help in getting me started with Da Vinci when he arrived (which reminds me, I must book another lesson…..)
Kate Abendstern
Cheshire, UK

DaVinci and Kate
Going to Germany was much easier and cost effective than we thought possible and more efficient than flying around the USA looking at one horse at a time. We were presented with a ton of horses from an assortment of different barns, all of which were talented, in our price range and matched what we had discussed previous to our arrival. They had obviously done their homework. Our days were chock full of watching horses go and riding, by the time I had to make a decision there were easily three favorites. The hardest part was deciding which one would work for me. I now, have a 4 yo gelding with an amazing temperament and three super gaits. Along with seeing the amazing countryside from the backseat of their car, we had loads of fun. They are honest, kind, intelligent and relaxed and with their years of experience really know horses and enjoy what they do. From the initial contact, to dealing with coordinating vets and transport, they were prompt and clear communicators, professional and always helpful. I had such a great experience with German Dressage Horses! When the opportunity arises again to buy another horse, they will be the first folks I contact- I highly recommend them."
Alison R.
Maine, USA

Hondo by His Highness
After being told I could no longer ride my horse I made a decision to take the plunge and buy another one. My instructor Paul Hughes suggested I try German Dressage Horses and he liaised with them on my behalf and informed them of the type of horse that would be suitable for me within a certain budget. We agreed to look at young horses as I wanted the opportunity to learn, train and develop a youngster. The trip to Germany was then arranged for the following week and Paul came with me to offer his assistance. We were met at the airport and any apprehensions/ nerves I had instantly disappeared as they were such lovely, warm and friendly people and it was clear they had fully understood Paul's requirements of finding me a nice "sensible" 4 year old! They had arranged for me to try about 12 suitable horses over the course of the 2 days. The owners of all the yards were lovely and it was immediately clear there was no pressure on me at all. I saw the horses in the stable, being groomed, tacked up and then loose/lunged, after which the owners/riders rode them. I was then asked if I would like to ride them myself! As riding youngsters was totally new to me I was helped considerably with instructions and advice throughout all the rides. I was so impressed with the quality of the horses, and had I not fallen for the first one I saw I could've come home with at least 3 of them! After I had made my decision a vetting was arranged. The vet spoke excellent English and I spoke personally to him about the vetting. I was also advised and helped with the transportation and 2 weeks later my new horse Dresden arrived at our yard. He instantly settled in and I can honestly say they found my perfect horse! I can't thank them enough for all their hard work (especially considering they were so poorly during out trip)! Not only have they found a horse with an impeccable temperament but they've also found a horse that has so much potential that I now have the opportunity to compete at levels I never even dreamt would be possible for me. I would like to say a very big thank you to German Dressage Horses.
Karen Anson

After many years of success with her first horse from us and his subsequent retirement, another happy customer has returned for another horse from us! what better testimonial is there! Sarah is now the proud owner of the 7 years old Disney Fantasy. We wish you good luck with the new horse Sarah! Here is what she said after her first trip -
Having looked for a suitable horse in the UK it quickly became apparent that we were going to spend many weekends travelling to either end of the country to try and find the ideal horse. A friend suggested we contact Paul Hughes who regularly travels to Germany as he had contacts who help him find horses. We contacted Paul and subsequently German Dressage Horses and told them exactly what we were looking for. They did all the leg work for us in Germany, including booking our hotel, all we did was book our flights. We travelled to Bremen with Paul, and were met at the airport. Within a couple of hours of landing we were looking at our first horse. We looked at many different horses at several different yards; the quality of horses we were shown was amazing and Sarah rode 8 of them. Sarah was given help whilst riding each horse, as having only previously ridden ponies moving onto a horse was quite a change. On our second evening, having a short list of 3, we looked through the videos and made our final decision. We had the help of expert opinions on which horse would be most suitable and we arranged to purchase a horse subject to vetting. The vetting was arranged for us and after the vetting, the vet telephoned us, in his impeccable English, to talk us through the vetting and prepared the report in English. We were recommended a transport company and they liased with the company to arrange the transportation. Throughout the whole process they could not have been more helpful and honest. We knew that what we were looking for was a tall order, within our budget, however they not only met but exceeded our expectations. We are now the proud owners of Rubin (Weltrubin). Having only previously completed at Pony Club and unaffiliated Prelim dressage Sarah has now competed in affiliated Novice and recently won her 2nd Elementary 10% ahead of the 2nd placed competitor. Rubin is one in a million, we love him to bits and he is an absolute pleasure to be around. Thank you so much for finding us the perfect horse!
Anne and Sarah Gibson,

I sadly lost my advanced mare last year and it took me a while to get around to wanting to find another horse on which to compete again. However, I started to search in earnest for my next horsey partner. I knew I wanted a very special type of horse, certainly no vices or spookiness but one that also needed to be competitive when I took it out. This is no easy find as most people who are looking will no doubt vouch – but no matter how challenging a specification, it was important to me to find something that matched up as I am a keen amateur, with a full time job and no time to deal with real quirks! I started browsing magazines and websites and happened upon German Dressage Horses. Looking at their website, I was initially worried whether I could afford what I wanted as the horses all looked so stunning. Nonetheless, I thought nothing ventured nothing gained and fired off an email with my requirements. Back came an encouraging reply and as luck would have it, they had something they thought might be a perfect match. Photos and video clips followed and I began to already fall in love with the most stunning black mare, Urayadien. The worst moment was thinking that she might be sold before I could get over to Germany to try her! Well, I managed to arrange a trip over. We were warmly met at Bremen airport and immediately set off to visit a number of yards. All the horses were beautifully presented and nothing was too much trouble for the sellers. No-one is offended if the horse you are shown is not quite what you are looking for – it was more important that you found the horse that was right for you. We tried a selection and then spent the evening viewing videos so we could narrow down which horses we wanted to try again the next day. Thanks to the hard work done in advance, I was quite spoiled for choice – if only finances had permitted, I could have ended up with several horses not one! I was particularly torn between two horses but in the end, there was no choice except Urayadien. She had the most outstanding temperament when I tried her, even when we were both dive bombed by the manic pigeon living in one of the trees by the outdoor arena! That convinced me!!! The whole experience of trying horses out in front of an audience was made much easier by the guidance and advice that was provided, which helped me get the best out of riding an unknown horse. Having decided that Urayadien was the one for me, they arranged the vetting with a well known local equine vet. The vet rang me and went through the vetting with me. They advised on which transporters to use and the whole process was very easy. Adi (her new stable name) arrived safely and in excellent condition. To date, she has been everything I could have wished for – a beautiful horse with a beautiful nature. I love her sooooooooooooo much!!! We have just started competing and she is much admired wherever she goes. Thank you for deciding I was the right person for Adi!!! It was a pleasure to meet such open, friendly and honest people and I would not hesitate to go back to Germany to find another horse.
Moira Richardson

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Duplo. As a buyer, you are never sure what you will get when purchasing from a video clip. But I must say, with Duplo I received more than I expected! He is a perfect gentleman and amazes me everyday. Not only is he sweet and loveable, but he has been a superstar in the show ring. At his first show with me riding him for only 4 weeks, we were overall high point champion. He won all of his classes by wide margins with scores ranging between 75% and 79%. He is making quite an impact on the highly competitive Florida dressage circuit, constantly turning heads and getting compliments. I do not have enough good things to say about Duplo and yourselves. I highly recommend your services to others and have already sent potential clients your way! I will you keep posted.
Thank you,
Melissa Torreano
NuTech National
150 Candace Drive
Maitland, FL 32751

Hi, Duplo's median score for the 3 competitions he went to this competition year was 75.6, the 2nd highest score in the country in the open division (413 horses), first in the adult amateur division (159 horses) and first for the Westfalen Breed Association in the Open and Adult Amateur Division at Training Level.
Duplo has continued his winning streak. We were high score with a 74.4% and won the Region 3 championship, beating horses from 5 states with a 71%. He even received 10's on a few movements.

The best way to buy a horse! When my dressage trainer, Paul Hughes, first suggested we went to Germany with him to buy a horse we were very apprehensive. However, he reassured us and told us about German Dressage Horses. Paul discussed with and advised us the type of horse that would be best for me. He then discussed this with GDH who spent a lot of time talking to their contacts and driving around “vetting” horses for their suitability. We arrived at Bremen Airport, on a Thursday afternoon with Paul. We were warmly met. We spent all afternoon Thursday and all day Friday driving between yards to view and try 18 horses. All were of excellent quality – no disappointments like in this country when you drive for hours, arrive, get out of the car, reach the stable with the horse you have come to see and know that your time has been wasted. That was the beauty of their hard work before we arrived. Some of the horses were on smaller yards, others on breeders yards, every place very professional. Selling horses is a true industry in Germany, they are true professionals and are known for their honesty which encourages repeat custom. There was no pressure at all to purchase any horse whilst we were there, though the quality was so high we could have easily brought home several (if finances had allowed!) Each yard showed off the horses as we requested – loose, lunging, ridden and then I rode the ones that we were keen on. Steve was fantastic whilst I was trying the horses. I was a little apprehensive at first – riding these beautiful youngsters in a strange country with an audience, but he was very reassuring and gave me helpful pointers to get the best out of each horse. This allowed Paul to concentrate on watching the horse and assessing its suitability. The Friday night was decision time so that nobody snapped up the horse we wanted! We watched our videos through and decided on a 4 year old, 16.1hh German Warmblood by Wolkentanz. We later named him “Watson” (Wolkenzauber is his competition name). They then kindly and efficiently arranged for Watson to be vetted by a respected vet they have used many times before. The vet then phoned me to discuss his findings, there were no problems so they advised me re the best shipping companies to use and he arrived a week later! The whole experience was professional but also very friendly and personal. We are thrilled with Watson! Following excellent training with Paul, we have done far more than we dreamed of already (we have been competing for 10 months now) and have frequented a different level of dressage shows. To date Watson has won at Prelim (with scores over 72%) and qualified for the regionals and won at Novice (with scores of over 69%) and part qualified for the regionals. He has been placed in the top four in Prelim and novice at two area festivals and has qualified for the national finals at novice level. He also qualified for the Badminton Young Dressage horse of the Future 2009 with 76%. Watson was placed 4th with 69.5% at the Winter Prelim Regional Championships in 2010 and is already qualified for the Summer regional championships. Watson is also, importantly a lovely “person” to be around, easy to handle, good to hack and enjoys doing some jumping too. I hope that we will have many years of fun and success together so a huge thank you to German Dressage Horses and for Paul’s continuing help and support.
Isabel Stanton BVsc MRCVS

Hi ,I just thought I would give you an update on our progress, Felina is just amazing - whatever I have asked her to do she has accepted without question, she has beautiful manners at all times and is gentle, tolerant and patient. I have ridden her every night and am learning to absorb her big movement and not rise so high in trot but she is a dream to ride and I feel very lucky to have her. Despite everything being new to her she has settled right in and acts like she has been here for months not days, she has introduced herself to the other mares in her field and been accepted straight away. We even rode in the dark the other night in the rain and high winds and it didn´t faze her at all. Thank you so much for introducing her to me - Its almost like it was fate because she is perfect in every way.Take Care.
Julie and Felina
Julie Arabin

Facing the challenge of locating suitable ponies (in Germany and Holland) for our daughter seemed like lots of trouble and a sure ‘time waster’…! However, German Dressage Horses helped us tremendously and secured a great match between our daughter and her new pony; Bonetto D. It was a perfect strategy and indeed very time saving to enjoy their well planned route and arrangements -especially with all the owners and ponies scattered around in both Germany and Holland. Furthermore, it was a pleasure to meet ‘strangers’ who were capable of giving hints and opinions where needed. It is rare and pure luck to find such honest and pleasant people. Thanks for all your help and we hope we can stay in touch,
Fam. Astrup,
Hello, Thanks so much for a fab few days in Germany and the numerous fantastic foals you showed me. I'm really pleased with the decision we've made on the beautiful filly and would like to thank you for all your, help, guidance and support in making a final decisionl!!! Seriously though, you treated me & Helen like friends for the weekend and it was lovely to feel like part of the family rather than just a business trip. I would definitely never buy a horse any other way! I really hope we can stay in touch!
Speak soon!
Lisa xxx
Lisa Richardson, Cheshire

father of the filly - Sarkozy
Thanks to Germandressagehorses.com, I now have a dressage horse surpassing my dreams and memories of a truly exceptional lifetime experience. As a sceptic and twice-burned horse buyer, I was leery of traveling to Europe and skirting the seemingly endless pitfalls of finding good horses to try, vetting, transport, and, most of all, locating trustworthy, knowledgeable people to guide my trainer and me through the process. I wished to avoid aggressive and unscrupulous marketers whose sole aim was to sell a horse, never mind an unsound or inappropriate partner. As credentialed and experienced horse people, they acted as patient, thorough and generous stewards from beginning to end, spending much time (answering my many emails without fail, punctually and in great detail!) finding me lovely horses to try, driving us around to various horse yards (barns), and providing invaluable perspective on European/American approaches in training, vetting and horse-keeping. I was continually impressed and heartened by how they invested energy and resources on our behalf, not just to make a sale, but to serve the higher principles of finding me the right horse, and of finding a horse a caring home! They are good, honest, incredibly hard-working people who truly love horses, and I recommend their services and pleasant company without reservation.
E.Chao, Minnesota, USA

Rocky Mountains with Evelina Chao
Wanted to say a huge thankyou for all your expert help when finding a young dressage pony. I honestly wouldnt have known where to start looking and yet when I contacted yourselves with my requirements I couldnt believe how many ponies you had found that fitted my requirements, I was totally spoilt for choice which left us with the rather amusing decision of which colour i liked the best!!! Every pony had a fabulous temperament and as you put it 'stonking' paces- what more can you ask for. I have never even been to Germany before and had absolutely no idea what was involved in buying over there, but seriously all I had to do was book the flight, and everything else was either organised or I had all the help I could possibly ask for. It is so lovely to have met two such honest people who genuinely love their job and want the horse to go to the right home. I will definitely be back. Many many thanks, pictures will follow when Digger is backed.

Kathryn Brace

Digger`s Daddy doing M level Dressage!
A thoroughly pleasurable experience with people with knowledge and experience you just cannot amass on your own. I was fairly shocked that there are still honest people out there who want to sell you good quality horses at fair prices. They spent days and many hours searching out and keeping me informed of what horses were available before my visit, I just had to be totally honest about how much I wanted to spend, and what I wanted, which was pretty difficult as it seems to become habit that horses are found for whatever you have to spend. I was found quality, value for money horses that met the criteria I set. This was especially important when looking for a first horse for my daughter Kathryn who is 14. They found Kathryn the most super horse from a private home, all the boxes ticked and a very happy daughter. We were looked after without question, even the vet spoke English! which was a great help. Came home with two horses, cant wait to go back. I can honestly say would not bother going to anyone else. The whole experience was one of great trust on all sides and it paid dividends.
Patsy Bates
College Equestrian Centre

Kathryn and Arlekin

We first met through a friend of mine,whom they found an advanced horse for,and having visited the auctions in Germany months before, to find a suitable horse, I realized that having honest, knowledgeable people around is a must ! I contacted them and they sent me lots of clips of suitable horses for me to look at. We narrowed it down to around 15 and off I went to try them all. After arriving minus my suit case which got lost along with my riding boots and video camera (always take them in hand luggage) I was greeted by them and they took me to my hotel, then we all went out for a meal.We had a great evening,and even though I know its not a priority when you are over looking for horses it did make the trip far more enjoyable.My luggage then arrived the next morning and we went in search for my perfect horse. I fell in love with 2, unfortunately I was only allowed to buy one, Alf and he is fabulous. I am doing the Young horse classes with him this year and he is a real pleasure to own. Beautiful to look at, and his paces and attitude are great.I would definitely recommend to anyone going to Germany to look these wonderful people up, its so nice to arrive in Germany and feel you are in safe hands.I do genuinely feel I have made great friends, and when I do decide to get another horse I will be going back to German Dressage Horses.
Sara Edwards

Sara and Alf

I have to say, going to Germany to buy a horse seemed a very daunting prospect. However with German dressage horse`s experience and knowledge I found the whole trip very easy. From the moment we arrived in Germany their professionalism shone through. Prior to the trip I had discussed the type of Dressage horse I was looking for, and it soon became clear they knew exactly what I wanted. They had short listed likely horses and then took us to each yard, all of which were as professional as the next and all very friendly. The quality of the horses I was shown were second to none but there were 2 horses I fell in love with. On their advice I chose a 16.3hh Oldenberg called Royal Dandy who I am now the very proud owner of. The vetting and transport were all organised for me and were of a very high standard. Daniel is now a beautiful 17hh 6 year old. He qualified 4th in the International Young Dressage Horse qualifiers and qualified for Badminton Young Dressage Horse of the Year. This year we have qualified in both Prelim and Novice for the summer regionals and have started Elementary. A very big THANK YOU to German Dressage Horses.
Wendy Jenkins

Royal Dandy with Wendy Jenkins

I would like to thank you for helping me find a really lovely young, novice dressage horse. He has been at home with me for 2 weeks and has settled really well. He has the most wonderful temperament and I am sure in time will be a super competiton horse. The point I would most like to stress to anybody reading your web site for the first time is that with your help it is really very easy for anybody to go to Germany to look for a horse. It seems such a daunting task initially, but it really isnt. There were lots of quality horses with nice temperaments and good conformation that were easily affordable and easily accesible even for the amateur rider who competes for pleasure, like myself. People should not be put off by the fact they are travelling to a foreign country. Apart from booking our flights everything else was taken care of by yourselves. We were met at the airport, driven to a lovely hotel, collected the next morning and driven round for 2 days, then back to the airport. I had alot more hassle driving round England for 4 months wasting my time and money viewing unsuitable horses I really wish we had spoken much earlier and I would have had more of the summer to spend with my new horse. Thank you again for everything you did for us after we left Germany, making sure we had all the relevant documents from the vets, and helping to arrange the transport home. He arrived home in great condition looking non the worse for his journey which again is thanks to you for recomending a brilliant transport company. I really believe that people should consider a trip to Germany before they start looking in England because the quality of the horses available through your very trustworthy contacts. makes it all very worthwhile, and hassle free.
Best Wishes
Kathryn Howitt

Cruz Control by Carnando
Thought we would send you a short message.It's Sunday evening, we have had a lovely day with Monet, he is such a gorgeous and lovely boy. Ellie took him out for a hack today, he is the calmest, non spooky boy ever.It was such a lovely picture seeing Ellie and Monet cantering through the field.She loves him dearly, he follows her everywhere. As soon as she walks to his little paddock he comes straight over.All the animals in the yard love him, his favourite friend is the sheep Minty, Monet likes grooming him all along his back, it is really funny to watch and Moo Moo the dog loves licking his nose.
All our love,
Simone, Ellie, Nindi and Monet x

Nordstern`s Monet