We offer the following service:-

Horse buying trips to Germany/Holland - AIR FARES CAN BE VERY CHEAP!

  1. We offer quality German/Dutch dressage horses of all ages and stages of training from Novice to Grand Prix. These horses are selected by us for their super paces, rideability, trainability, temperament,soundness and top class bloodlines such as Donnerhall, Sandro Hit, De Niro, Weltmeyer, Rubinstein, Florestan etc. We can show you a large selection of horses chosen from many various breeders/trainers who we have developed contact with over more than 20 years!
  2. It can become extremely expensive and time consuming driving all over your own country, looking at 1 horse at a time, which then turns out to be either totally not what you are looking for, or then is not recommended by the vet. We do this for you!
  3. We will firstly discuss with you in as much detail as possible, your wishes and specifications about the horse you are looking for and what your goals are. We then firstly make a long list of potential horses and then very carefully pre-select a group of horses/ponies that we feel are the most suitable, before you come over.Depending on what you are looking for, these horses may be spread out at various stables over the whole of North Germany/Holland. We travel around a lot to find the very best horses for within the budget of our clients. We do not - like many agents, stay just within a small area around where we live and show whatever happens to be on sale in the area from the local trainers and breeders. We travel extensively to many different trainers and breeders and select only the very best horses at each place to take you to see! We realise it is a "big thing" for most people to take a trip to Europe to go "horse shopping" and we want our customers to have a worthwhile trip and an extremely high chance of finding their "dream horse".
  4. After selecting what we feel are the best horses fitting your requirements, we make a properly planned schedule of appointments to see these particular horses. We do not just go on a "wild goose chase" looking at horses that are not what you have asked for and also very importantly that are not within the budget that you have! We only take you to see horses that we feel are the most interesting - within your requirements and budget. We fit in as many suitable horses as possible into the visit, to give our clients a really excellent choice and most of our clients have more problem choosing which one to buy!!! (see our testimonials!)
  5. Most of our clients stay for 2 full days to give sufficient time to see a large enough selection of horses.
  6. The best airport to travel to is Bremen. There are very cheap direct flights available from the UK with Ryan Air - website click here- RYAN AIR
  7. There are regular connections several times a day to Bremen also from the biggest International Hub Airports (like Frankfurt, Amsterdam etc) for customers from the USA and other countries
  8. We can arrange accomodation in a very reasonably priced hotel in the area where we are travelling
  9. When you arrive, we will pick you up from the airport and drive you around to all the yards to view and try all the horses we have selected. You can ask whatever questions you want and you can ask to try them in whatever situation you want.
  10. We are professional dressage trainers and have trained horses to Advanced levels/Grand Prix and so we are there for you to help and advise if you want.
  11. We want our customers to be happy with their purchases, because its a good advert for us and then we get more customers! One advantage is that we are not selling our own horses and therefore we have no "agenda" i.e. We do not need to push or sell any particular horse and we show horses from many different trainers and breeders and it makes no difference to us, whether you buy from one person or another. We work completely independently of anyone and therefore we can give a completely unbiased opinion on the suitability of horses for you etc.
  12. It is important to us that you have a good time over here and we always keep a relaxed friendly atmosphere - we want our clients to have a really enjoyable time over here as well as finding their dream horse!!!
  13. When you have found a suitable horse/pony, we can arrange a vetting with an English speaking, specialist equine vet. The clinical vetting is very stringent with the vets that we use and contains ALL THE ELEMENTS of the Five Stage Vetting which is done in the UK! You can choose whether you want to have X rays and if so which X rays you would like to have. You can then speak personally to the vet about his findings after the vetting or have the vet discuss it with your own vet. Some owners/breeders have their horses X rayed prior to putting them on the market, so that there is then the advantage that you have a good idea of whether the horse has anything on the X rays that you/your vet feel might be problematical for you. You can then either have the vet who does the clinical examination, look at the X rays and make a report on them or you can choose to have new X rays made and a report made on these. As we have the reports done in English, the reports are fully acceptable to Insurance Companies in all other countries and we have never had problems with an insurance company accepting the reports from the vets here. Over 99% of horses have some little findings either on the clinical examination or X rays, but the important thing is, to listen to the vetīs opinion as to whether he recommends purchase of the horse to you, for the particular use that you want the horse for. If there are findings on the X rays, the vet will be able to give you an assessment of whether this is very little/almost no risk for these things causing any problems clinically in the future. We try to mostly make arrangements with the seller of the horse, that if the horse has not had a previous examination/X rays, if the vetting turns out to be not satisfactory and too much of a risk for purchase, that they should then accept to take the cost of the examination. This way there is not unnecessary costs involved for our clients, paying for lots of horses to be vetted that are not suitable for purchase by our client. If the vet recommends purchase, then the cost is paid by our clients. Of course, if the X rays are fairly recent anyway, often the cost of new X rays is not necessary and so this is also a big saving
  14. We can also assist with arranging transportation for your horse at very reasonable rates. We have contacts for the best International Horse Transporters, who have transported horses for our customers in the past, which great care and professionalism
  15. We also feel it is very important that our customers pay fairly for the horses that they purchase and therefore we go only to people who offer our customers horses at the same prices as native German people.
  16. We are very honest "horsy" people and our aim always is, to find lovely horses for our customers that are the absolute best we can find for the budget that people have.
  17. Everyone that comes over (even professional people) are amazed at the quality of the horses we show and we have a lot of people at the moment in the UK, USA (and other countries) that are being very very successful with horses that they have bought from us, in competition at all levels up to Grand Prix. Also as you will see on our website, we have sold some very successful ponies and horses to junior and young riders - many are in the teams
  18. We try to keep the website as "up to date" as possible with the horses shown for sale, so that horses on our website are actually currently for sale and not just examples of horses that would be available. The only exception is foals, because it is impossible to travel around and do video of everything from foals to Grand Prix horses! There are so many foals to choose from, if you are looking for a foal, that you can have an ENORMOUS choice when you come over. Please also realise that the horses on the website are only an EXTREMELY SMALL sample of what we actually have available, but in order to keep the website as up to date as possible, we cannot list all the horses we have available!